I’ve known and worked with Brian Daly for over 25 years on a number of projects in a variety of industries. Brian’s an incredible strategic thinker, is value and results driven, and is off the charts as a problem solver. He’s a gifted leader and communicator. Most importantly, Brian is a man of integrity who helps people and businesses reach their full potential.

Scotland Henderson, Henderson Legal Services, Inc.

Brian’s unique skill set – of being a good listener, and a change engineer – allows him to clearly layout plans that will bring desired changes to any organization. I could not recommend him more wholeheartedly.

Rick Beckwith, Eastern Division, Young Life

“Brian has an attuned knack, the extensive knowledge base and the robust experience needed to lean in and get to work on your behalf. He is good at leading – strategic beyond words – and yet, he is also good at listening and getting you and your needs.”

Business owner, Washington D.C. Metro Area

“I sought Brian’s assistance to gain his insight on evaluating my business and exploring the possibility of growing by purchasing a second business. Throughout the engagement Brian delivered! He really listened to me and asked the right questions. Brian has a holistic approach, and I consider him a trusted advisor who helped me define and reach my goals.”

Milton R. Ninde, Ridgefield Landscape Solutions