Welcome! This website is the new home of my consulting practice. My blog, Think & Act Daly, is where I will share my experience and reflections on leadership and the strategic growth of organizations.

Over a decade ago, I found myself struggling to passionately lead & manage the business that I started and grew from the early ’90s. Not sure what to do with it or what my options were, I continued doing what I did best: work hard. While there is no shame in continued hard work, it became myopic.

I came to a point where I gave myself the option to think more broadly and creatively about the skill-set that I had acquired over many years of life and operating a business. I reflected on the parts of the business/organizational environment that stirred my passions. From there, and after much thought and reflection, I decided it was time to embark on a new journey.

This new endeavor, step-reflect.com, will support leaders and executives as they face the challenges of leading and growing extraordinary firms.