Proof That Positive Work Cultures are More Productive,” a Harvard Business Review article, (December 2015) by authors Emma Seppala and Kim Cameron illustrates the benefits derived from a creating and maintaining a positive work culture. Citing numerous studies, loaded with facts and figures, the article is even more relevant given the ramifications of the Pandemic and “work from anywhere.”

In moving forward, in search of a new normal, the role of a manager or leader is now more crucial to the overall success of the organization. Giving your leaders the skills they need to meet the increased demands of managing in this new reality will be vital to create a positive culture.

The authors cite the ability to foster social relationships, exhibit empathy, being available to help, and encouraging communication as key to establishing a positive culture.

Assembling your managers for a discussion…..

  • How would you assess the quality of our culture prior to the Pandemic?
  • What impact has remote work had on our culture?
  • What steps were taken to reinforce the value of our culture?
  • How would you assess the quality of our culture currently?
  • What aspect of our culture seems to be impacted the most by remote work?

You might consider assembling some of your employees to ask their responses to these same questions.

Compare and contrast the responses from the managers and employees to develop your own clarity. Then move forward in developing a plan that will respond to the new needs of your employees and your business.