Some ten years ago, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters coined the phrase “the great game of business,” referring to the scorecard of the organization’s KPI’s and successful marketplace expansion.

Successful business operation requires a solid management team who oversees the delivery of superb products and services, directed by a clear vision of the short and mid-range goals.

For those running their own business it may sometimes feel like the Final Four tournament game between UCLA and Gonzaga — with no clear indicator of who would win or lose — until that unexpected long-range three pointer in the final seconds of OT.

Like many of you, I read the latest blogs and publications from a wide variety of business veterans and reporters, which cover a wide range of interesting topics – most recently on the uncharted waters of 2020. The topics are timely, the ideas sound great, but I’m sure many organizations have yet to actually implement them.

My goal is to offer practical next steps, helping you answer the question often left in your mind of “and now, what?”

Please let me know your business concerns — or notify me of an article that would be beneficial to others. Together we can all move forward.